Saturday, September 16, 2017

Beautiful Quotes App

Beautiful Quotes:
Where you will get Beautiful Quotes from everywhere on your screen ;)

Inspirational Quotes:
Quotes that will inspire your life

and much more ;)


* Beautiful Design
* Beautiful Quotes
* Inspirational Quotes
* App changes background with a new quote every time
* One click functionality
* Long press on your favorite quote to copy it

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Numbers Fact App for Android

Numbers Fact:

Where you input a number for which you wanna see a fact, not just that you can chose type for which you wanna see fact about like: Trivia, Math, Date, or Year.

Random Fact:
Where you chose any type from Trivia, Math, Date or Year and it will auto generate a fact for you.

Date Fact:
Where you will give month and date and a fact will be generated about that date for you

This app will amaze you with its cool facts ;)

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