Monday, December 18, 2017

Cool Walls

Always downloading those bulky online running wallpaper apps ? Always wondering wouldn't it be better to make your own super awesome wallpapers instead of relying on others ? 

Now Don't worry with our Cool Walls App you can create your own beautiful wallpapers without having any internet connection and any designing skills.

How to make cool wallpapers?

Open our app chose add photo, now chose any picture you want from your gallery and open it now press Make background blur button (keep pressing if you want more blur) and adjust your picture (by drag and drop or pinch to zoom) if you want. That's it you have made your first Cool wallpaper.😍 chose landscape photos for better results.

You can also share your wallpaper with your friends and family to inspire them with your work 😉

Take photo from app and make wallpaper of it. COOL RIGHT! 😉

Set wallpaper directly or save it on your phone. YOUR CHOICE! 😉

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sindhi Dictionary

Wanted to know what that word means? always wondering wouldn't it be better if i could get meaning in my own Mother Tongue (Sindhi) 🤔 Now don't worry with our Sindhi Dictionary APP you can have it 😁. Not just that it's only Dictionary which offers English Meaning as well for better understanding.😄


* Over more than 23000 Thousand words.
* Beautiful Interface
* Easy to search any word
* Internet Acronyms and Text Messaging Abbreviations
* Get Scientific meanings of words as well
* Share any meaning with your friends or family just by one tap
* Offline no need to have internet connection 
* Modern Sindhi Dictionary
* Adaptive Icon Supported (Android 8.0+)
* Dictionary for Everyone

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