Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Get Ashes Cricket 2017 Real Teams (Cracked Version and for Paid Too).

Guys i have downloaded this Amazing game for Free from http://fitgirl-repacks.site/ashes-cricket/ when i played it was working fine as it suppose to be but i had one issue that was the Real Player Names and Teams they all were bogus and was making my experience like not that Real and Good. So,  I Searched around but didn't got any thing for cracked version so i did something on my Luck and Risk and guess what i got succeeded So, I thought to share that experience with you all.

First go to Communities, Yeah i know you are scared it will ask to Register and all don't worry it just work fine just like you bought it 😋 At least for the version that i have download from above link.
So, Register your self there first

After Registration go to Search Community

And type Username Llewelynf7 hit enter now in Search type change it to Teams and Begin your search.

Head over to your Favourite team and Hit X to Download it, if it ask for Replacement and stuff just keep hitting to YES. That's it you just got your Real Teams. It's not Limited to teams you can download individual Players, Bats even Stadium too.

If you have any difficulty or questions just ask in Comments Thank You.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Barometer Android App

It's not just simple Altitude and Pressure Barometer App it's more than that 😉. With our app now you can be free and call yourself a EARTHOKNOWLEDGE a person who knows all about his environment 🌍. 


Barometer: Measure Atmosphere Pressure and Altitude around you with just one tap.
Live Weather:⛅ With our app you can see weather of your city with cool backgrounds and icons.
Air Quality:🏭 See how much Air Pollution is around you and take care of yourself and your family.

* Health Implications.💖
* Cool animated meter. 
* Auto location fetching.
* Beautiful design.
* App Shortcuts.

Caution: Barometer only work on those devices which have Barometer Sensor.

Get it on Google Play