Monday, December 6, 2010

Android 2.3 Gingerbread is here

The Android dev team just made the latest version of the mobile platform official. Following Google's alphabetic-dessert naming convention Android 2.3 is called Gingerbread. The new version of the OS brings a host of cool new features as well as extended API support, improved performance and improved power management.
Android smartphones are frequently criticized for poor battery management so Google acted up and tried to fix that with Gingerbread. The system will now take a more active role in managing, closing them if appropriate to ensure better performance and maximum battery life.
Text selection has also been improved, making it easier for Android users to mark, copy and paste text when web browsing or texting. The standard organizer package has been updated too, though the dev team stays mum on the details.
Other end-user features supported by Android Gingerbread include Internet calling, through SIP, NFC (Near Field Communication) support and improved camera interface. The download manager has also been improved and there is now a single app that gives you an aggregated view of all your downloads (be they through email, web browser, or another app).
As usually there's also a bunch of new developers features that might not have instant effect but should lead to higher-quality apps arriving to the Android Market shortly. Enhancements are mainly connected with gaming (where better performance and sensor management, among other things are promised) and multimedia (with audio effect, extended codec support and access to the front-facing camera for third-party apps).

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