Sunday, January 23, 2011

Get Facebook for Feature Phones for your IQ challenged phone.

Facebook launched an official Java app that's universally compatible with a wide range of feature phones. Facebook also made arrangements with 14 carriers for free online access through the app.
Today almost every smart gadget has access to Facebook. But since the smartphone market is smaller than the feature phone market, the next logical step was Facebook to go Java and jump onto the cheaper phones.
The Facebook app for feature phones is compatible with a wide range of phone models and you can get if from this mobile address:
Facebook has made arrangements to ensure a head start for its app. A deal with 14 separate carriers ensures that their customers will browse Facebook fro free through the app - at least for the first three months.
Facebook for Feature Phones
The carriers that participate right from launch are:
  • Dialog (Sri Lanka)
  • Life (Ukraine)
  • Play (Poland)
  • StarHub (Singapore)
  • STC (Saudi Arabia)
  • Three (Hong Kong)
  • Tunisiana (Tunisia)
  • Viva (Dominican Republic)
  • Vodafone (Romania)
Carriers soon to follow:
  • Mobilicity (Canada)
  • Reliance (India)
  • Telcel (Mexico)
  • TIM (Brazil)
  • Vivacom (Bulgaria)
Yeah, we know, it's a short list, but Facebook is negotiating with other carriers as well so expect this list to be expanded. Until then, you can still use the widely free image-less Zero Facebook found if your phone has even a simple HTTP browser.

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