Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Animals Sound App for Android

We all love animals and their cute voices they actually make us feel better too. So i decided to make an app where you can hear animals cute voices and make your self feel better.
Animals sounds are so cute and we want to hear them every time so your wish is come true you can hear them any time you want, just install this app and tap on your favorite animal and hear it simple as that.
We have cats and dogs in our homes and we want to know more about them so in this app you will get amazing facts about animals for knowing them better.
Animals are cute so do these emojis in my app thanks to EmojiOne for giving me free emojis and make my app more interactive.
Unique Features of the app
* Animals Sounds
* Animals facts for knowing them more
* Beautiful design

                                                                   Download From Play Store

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